At Lone Star Pediatric Dental & Braces, we take pride in making dental visits fun and enjoyable for everyone. Each of our offices have a unique theme with different decor, 3D art and interactive games, helping to create a sense of welcomeness, enjoyment and comfort for your entire family.

Central Austin Office

Our Central Austin Office lies in the heart of the city, making it easy to get pediatric dental care, orthodontic and oral surgery. If you ask us, Austin is one of the best cities in this great nation. A hub of culture, growth, and diversity, Austin fuses the unique atmosphere of Texas with a cosmopolitan flavor that mixes influences from all over the world. As long-standing members of the community, it’s been wonderful to watch the city grow and develop – and today, we’re proud to help kids all over Austin achieve gorgeous smiles. We hope you’ll stop by sometime soon and see why we’re considered such a trusted source for children’s dentistry, orthodontics, and oral surgery. Our outdoor adventure Central office is truly a great “catch” and the best place for children’s dental care in central Austin!

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