Oral Surgery

At Lone Star Pediatric Dental & Braces, we're proud to help everyone all over Dripping Springs, Killeen, Kyle, & the greater Austin, TX area achieve beautiful smiles that last a lifetime...

Our doctors and world-class team of pediatric dental specialists work hard to craft personalized treatment plans for our patients, and we have the skills and expertise to make every visit a pleasant experience. We offer a wide range of treatments ranging from pediatric dentistry to braces for all ages – but sometimes, oral surgery is the best way to help our patients develop a great smile.

Oral Surgery for Children, Teens, and Young Adults in Austin, TX

The word “surgery” can be a little scary for everyone – but don’t worry. In most cases, oral surgery is a far less intensive procedure, usually performed in an office setting under local anesthesia and with very minimal recovery time. Some oral surgeries may be more extensive procedures like jaw realignment or emergency treatment for facial trauma, but most are routine procedures like tooth extraction.

Tooth Extractions in Austin

By far, the most common oral surgery we perform at our Austin pediatric dental offices is tooth extraction. Tooth extraction may be necessary to remove impacted wisdom teeth, to promote the development of a healthy smile, or simply because a baby tooth gets a cavity and a filling is impractical. In any case, tooth extraction is a simple, routine procedure that takes only an afternoon. We perform the procedure using local anesthesia, and most patients experience little to no discomfort during and after the procedure.

What to Expect

The experience of oral surgery will vary greatly depending on the specifics of your treatment, but we’ll take care to explain everything to you in detail and answer any questions you may have. Recovery is usually mild and relatively quick, but it depends on the extent of the surgical procedure. Be sure to let us know of any medical conditions you have or medications you’re taking (including over the counter) – and remember, we’re here to serve as a resource to you through every stage of treatment.

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