Dentist for Patients with Special Needs in Austin, TX

At Lone Star Pediatric Dental & Braces, we believe every child deserves access to quality dental care. Our team is specially trained and committed to providing exceptional dental services to children with special needs. We understand that these patients may require extra patience, understanding, and individualized care to ensure a comfortable and positive dental experience.  

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Personalized Dental Care for Special Needs

  • Tailored Approach: We recognize that each child with special needs has unique challenges and strengths. Our approach is to customize our dental care to meet each child’s specific requirements, ensuring their comfort and ease during visits.
  • Comforting Environment: Our offices are designed to be calming and accommodating. We strive to create a supportive atmosphere and are happy to make necessary adjustments to cater to the needs of our patients.
  • Patient and Family Education: Part of our care involves educating both children and their families about dental health in a way that is accessible and understandable, empowering them in their dental care journey. 

Our Trained and Compassionate Team

  • Experienced in Special Needs Care: Our dentists and staff are not only experienced in pediatric dentistry but also in addressing the needs of children with a variety of special needs, including those with physical, developmental, or sensory challenges.
  • Collaborative Approach: Working closely with parents and caregivers is key to our approach. By understanding your child’s health history and preferences, we provide the most effective and comfortable care possible. 

Services Offered For Patients With Special Needs

  • Comprehensive Pediatric Dental Exams and Cleanings: Essential for maintaining oral health, tailored to the comfort level of each child.
  • Restorative Dental Treatments: Including fillings, crowns, and pulp therapy, performed with a gentle touch and understanding of each child’s needs.
  • Orthodontic Solutions: We offer orthodontic care, including braces and Invisalign® clear aligners, with considerations for the unique needs of children with special requirements. 

Schedule a Visit for Your Special Needs Child

Children with special needs require special care, and at Lone Star Pediatric Dental & Braces, we’re here to provide it.

If you have a child with special needs who requires dental care, please contact us to discuss how we can accommodate and provide a comforting and effective dental experience.

Our team is ready to support your child’s dental health journey with empathy, expertise, and exceptional care. 

Meet The Doctors

At the heart of Lone Star Pediatric Dental & Braces are our dedicated professionals. Our team, led by skilled and compassionate dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons, brings a wealth of knowledge and a child-friendly approach to each appointment. Our staff is continually trained in the latest dental techniques, ensuring your family receives the best possible care. 

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